In the 1920's and the 1930's, this area of Quakertown was known as the woods over the ridge.  The families living here were of varying nationalities and most had very little income.  Several dedicated young men helped meet their needs and saw the opportunity to begin a Sunday School.  In 1931, one was started in a log house.  Interest by the community and growth in numbers required a larger, more permanent place for worship.  The church’s original building was built in 1948 and has had two major additions, which has allowed room for continual church growth and elevator accessibility to all floors.

     Through the years, many people have had their lives changed and influenced by the teachings of God, and His son Jesus through this congregation.  One of our pastors served for more than forty years, giving the group stability and becoming familiar and involved in the community. Committing our lives to Christ and His work has resulted in a desire to share our faith with others, by words and by lending a helping hand to those in need.

    This desire has become part of our "DNA" and we continue to support and provide missionaries to serve both locally and in countries far away.  We encourage those attending to know and understand the gifts God has given them, so they can participate in our various ministries.

     With a large number of children attending Sunday School and new people attending, we see this as positive steps for an exciting future.  Through prayer, worship, Bible study and inviting others to faith in Christ, we see healing and hope for our community.  We thank God for his love and faithfulness to us.   We truly welcome you to join our efforts in serving the Lord.

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     We believe that just like the group of people who began Rocky Ridge in the 1930's our future lies in identifying and meeting the needs of the Quakertown community.  

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