Cross Culture Communities

Our families meet in smaller groups we call Cross Culture Communities to help us grow closer to God and each other.  We discuss God's Word together, pray together, and we encourage each other to live the life God created us for.   But they aren't closed groups, anyone is welcome to join.  

We currently have 2 groups meeting mostly divided by geography, "North" & "South" of the church.  It helps us care for one another better and the proximity helps when groups plan events outside of Sunday mornings or if you just want to meet up for coffee with someone from your group.

Click here for info on C3 North events.

Click here for info on C3 South events. 


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This summer, our students are taking a break from their weekly meeting, but not taking a break from their relationships with one another.   

Each month, alongside our outdoor services, our youth have planned special events.  

Click here to find out more info about Youth Events.  


Our kids are also taking a break from Sunday School classes this summer.  So, we are dedicating our monthly Outdoor Worship Services towards our kids.  

We meet in the pavilion behind the church to explore all kinds of ways to learn and worship in a relaxed inter-generational setting.  

Click here to find out more info about our Outdoor Services.