Fall Service Time

After the summer off from Sunday School and C3's, we return to our regularly scheduled Sunday programming on September 16th.   I think this is a perfect opportunity to evaluate our decision LAST fall to switch our Worship & Sunday School hour to promote better C3 participation.  

The feedback I have received:

  • C3 leaders definitely prefer keeping C3 time after worship.
  • Youth leaders are getting better interaction with students. 
  • Worship team members feel more freedom to participate in groups without having to worry about leading worship immediately following (this would include sound & A/V).
  • I think some of our children's team workers prefer doing class first. (Probably for the same reason Worship teams prefer going first... you get your thing finished, then you can relax and enjoy the next event.)  


The question is: do we want to consider a switch back to Sunday School & C3's prior to Worship this fall, or Stick with the last years schedule of Worship first, then C3's & Sunday School.   I think we want to make this decision and communicate it at the July Member's Meeting, but we don't want to have discussion about the topic there.   If MGL's want to have conversations with team leaders to include here, it would be great.  

In your first post (Due July 9), please give any information or report on any discussions you think would be helpful as we make this decision.  Then follow with your initial vote:  Worship followed by SS/C3     or   SS/C3 followed by Worship.    (You may change your mind after more discussion, we will have a final vote  between July 9-16) 

During that final week, please log your vote on time by stating:  Worship followed by SS/C3     or   SS/C3 followed by Worship.